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“California fires, Hurricane Katrina, Midwest floods, even local house fires...when I see disasters on the nightly news, I know we found a better way to keep our important information safe.  With InformICE we even have pictures of our belongings as well as our important documents in case a disaster ever happens to us.” 

“Time is critical in an emergency.  If we have the information we need it can make a big difference.  I hope everyone carries one of these.” 

“What a great idea.  I travel internationally and now I have all my important information with me wherever I go!"
Business Executive

“In an emergency, who is going to tell the emergency response team about my condition, my medication, and my doctors’ phone numbers?  InformICE will.”

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Are you PREPARED for an emergency? 

Tornado? Medical? Legal? Accident? Fire? Flood? Hurricane?

YOU CAN BE....with InformICE.  Be Ready...


Your emergency preparation should include:

 "Important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container."

US Department of Homeland Security recommends all Americans:
 Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.InformICE

InformICE helps you be Ready two ways!
1.  InformICE protects important family documents in a waterproof, shockproof, and password protected flash drive (WARNING: ordinary data flash drives are NOT waterproof and NOT password protected), yet is small enough to carry with you on your key chain, in your wallet, or attached to your mobile phone.

2.  InformICE also provides First Responders with the critical information they need to help you in an emergency. 

Order your InformICE today.....Be Ready...


Visit for planning kits and more information. Ready America

InformICE is a Registered Trademark.

How does InformICE help First Responders in an Emergency?

I.C.E. - In Case of Emergency 

In April 2005, a paramedic in Britain conceived a wonderful idea that has gained momentum on both sides of the ocean. 

That idea was to put an entry in your mobile phone called "ICE" so First Responders know who to call In Case of Emergency. 

But what if the person doesn't answer?  What if they don't know the critical information that first responders need to know?  Medications? Dosages?  Allergies? Doctors names and phone numbers? 

Now, in addition to "ICE" in your phone, InformICE provides critical information First Responders need to help you in an emergency.